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A lavender honey face mask

For a soft, beautiful skin you’ll have to take care of it and to nourish your skin regularly. The face skin is especially fragile and exposed. Hydrating and cleaning your face is an everyday task. The lavender honey mask is excellent to soften, to hydrate and to make the face and body skin more firm.

The lavender honey is excellent to heal and helps the epidermis cells to regenerate. It is good for all kinds of skins and perfect for mixed skin types. The lavender mask moisturizes gently a sensitive and reactive skin. The skin becomes smoother and the pores get reduced, to have a perfect complexion.

Take some liquid lavender honey or melt it in bain-marie. Applicate it on clean and dry skin by small circular movements for an exfoliating effect.

Let it act for 15 minutes and rince abundantly. Finish the care with lavender water mist. Your skin will remain soft and elastic.

For lavender honey mask you simply need honey. It’s natural and efficient.