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PDO Fine Lavender Cosmetics

A range of healthy and natural lavender cosmetics Sarraud Farm cultivates a single plant : lavender.

A range of healthy and natural PDO fine lavender cosmetics

Sarraud Farm cultivates a single plant : lavender. This sacred flower in Provence is an unequalled source of well-being and beauty. Harvested by hand in the purest tradition, it is then transformed by the lavender grower himself into an organic care product, PDO Fine Lavender essential oil, made directly from the producer to the consumer.

On the high plateaux of Sault in Provence, fine lavender has been growing since the dawn of time. In 1866, Eugène Cheyrias settled on this rocky land with its heady scent. To start his business, he picked this plant that turned the hills blue. After a long period of ploughing, cultivation of Fine Lavender began at Sarraud Farm. Five generations later, Franck Cheyrias perpetuates the precise gestures of his ancestor in a healthy and pure way. Over the years, the Cheyrias family has composed a complete range of cosmetic products for the whole family made from this true lavender.

A passion for the land and lavender fuels the values of the Cheyrias family. They strive to maintain a sustainable agriculture by reducing as much as possible the ingredients in their formulas, all of which are locally produced. Without dyes or parabens, its cosmetic skincare products, of plant origin, meet precise, deliberately simple specifications that allow nature to express its full potential. As part of a slow labelled cosmetic approach, Sarraud Farm uses recycled materials for its packaging and limits the number of intermediaries in the sale of its products with high environmental and ethical added value.

Fine lavender essential oil is available in the form of multiple skincare and hair care products. Lavender naturally calms and soothes. It helps fight against anxiety, stress, migraine or insomnia. Applied directly to the skin, it deeply nourishes, soothes and leaves a delicious fragrance. It diffuses its targeted properties throughout the day. Day skincare products restore radiance in the morning, massage oils relieve tension, soaps gently cleanse, while hand and foot creams pamper and protect against cold and irritation.

our lavender farm

We have created a range of products based on the essential oil of PDO fine lavender from Provence Direct Producteur.

Our Sarraud farm is located in Sault, in the French region of Provence.
The basic ingredient of our cosmetic products is the PDO fine lavender essential oil that we have been producing and distilling on the farm for several generations. The cosmetic products are made in Provence.

The Provençal tradition of lavender skincare products is perpetuated in our range.


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