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A relaxing lavender bath

The Trick

It’s ecological, you don’t need many different products for a relaxing bath. The lavender oil is our magical ingredient.

To chase the stress you should prepare hot water. Pick up a piece of sugar or a spoon of (lavender) honey. Add a few drops of thrue lavender oil, the fine lavender oil. Drop the sugar or the honey in a bath tub.

Miracle, the oil doesn’t float any more but spreads in the water for a zen lavender bath.

L’eau chaude favorise une parfaite pénétration des actifs de l’huile essentielle de lavande à travers l’épiderme.

Ne vous rincez pas avant de sortir du bain. Les huiles essentielles continueront d’agir sur votre corps.

A bath with lavender makes life more peaceful and harmonious. Why not to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the bathroom to struggle against the tiredness.



You can try the lavandin Super essential oil for aching muscles.

The fine lavender essential oil is recognized to help for sleeping and relax.