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Private sale

Private sale in business meeting, in works council, sale for Christmas gifts, for company Christmas gifts, or simply to make pleasure to your employees or to your friends!

An idea to animate the end of the year!

Sarraud comes to your place at home or in your company, in work place or in privatized restaurant. All proposals to organize a sales meeting will de studied.

We’ll arrive to our host with the Sarraud products, the cosmetics with fine lavender AOP, the essential oils, the flower bouquets. The selection of items will be chosen according to your wishes. Sarraud can associate to Muse de Provence, a craft studio of bags and jewelry. To have an idea of Muse de Provence:

Please contact us, evaluate the number of persons attending the sales, talk to us about your intentions and your expectations.

We don’t need a lot place to present our products. The happening will be friendly.

Send us un e-mail or call us by phone.

See you soon!