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Sarraud for the whole family

The nature is in the heart of our formulas with PDO Fine Lavender.

Sarraud enhances plants in the composition of the organic and natural cosmetical products.

The PDO fine lavender essential oil,  the shea butter, the almond oil, the sesame oil, the bees wax, all the wonderful natural composants  contribute to well-being through our organic cosmetics Sarraud.

All the products are thought universal, for the whole family, men and women. The only condition is the love of lavender, the iconic parfum from Provence.

The skin benefits of lavender are generally recognized. The Lavender attributes are: antiseptical, scarving and calming. There is no fragrance added to our products, only PDO Fine lavender oil for the delicate smell.

The perfume of PDO fine lavender can be surprising; it is elegant, sophisticated and woody.  When applicating our products you will appreciate the light delicate smell, then it will fade away and all the vertus of lavender will make the effect we are looking for.

The Sarraud organic cosmetics are perfect for those who love natural products without heavy smell.