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The 2022 Lavender season

Now it is the moment of the year to come to admire the lavender fields on our high plateaus of Sarraud at 100m of altitude.

The fine lavender, our pride, is in full blossom as well as all other varieties of lavender and lavandine. The climate is nice up here, approximately 6°C less than in the valley. It is the ideal climate for lavender (and for us!).

This year 2022 we’ve started harvesting especially early, the 26th of June.

To get started we prepare lavender bouquets of the Super Bleu variety. It makes 30 years that we’ve been selecting the lavender plants with a deep blue color to be able to offer you the most beautiful extra blue lavender bouquets.

We think that the distillation will start after the 14th of July.

You are welcome to assist to traditional lavender distillation with alambic. We let the lavender to pre-dry to be able to extract with rain water steam an excellant lavender oil of high quality. Our  small lavender sales hut in the lavender field is ready to welcome you.