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A beauty ritual with fine lavender water

The floral water of fine lavender

The floral water of fine lavender in natural and pure, distilled with rain water without any additive.

The natural beauty ritual consists to applicate the fine lavender water before the morning face care and in the end of the day when removing your makeup.

The spray bottle makes it easy to spread water allover your face and scalp.

The fine lavender hydrolate is charged with the active components of the flower and it will bring all the well-being to your skin. The fine lavender water smoothens and calms the fragile face skin. It helps to reduce the small imperfect signs on your skin ans scalp. Let the flower water mist to dry and applicate your usual skin care on your  face. The flower water makes the skin more beautiful.

The scent of the lavender water is light and herbaceous.The smell can be surprising because it is so natural.

The floral water of fine lavender is excellent when used in the composition of cosmetics.

The hydrolate is the water used in distillation process. It is an extraction of aromatic plant obtained by steam from rain water (in our farm).

The lavender hydrolate is refreshing and calming, ideal for sunburnt skin, insect bites, burnings, or to soothe mentally.

The lavender water can contribute for a perfect complexion. It can reduce the red splotches on your face. The floral water prepares the skin to receive the everyday care.

The lavender water helps skin to regulate. The fine lavender hydrate is excellent for acne skin. It  can smooth buttons.

You can also use the lavender water to prepare your own cosmetics at home – DIY.

We will not forget men.

The floral water can be used as after-shave to calm the face skin. There is no alcohol in lavender water. For men the lavender water can be used as basis  for everyday skincare in the morning and in the end of the day. To be used on cleaned face.