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The lavender flower as wedding confetti

For a happy wedding the confetti is thrown on the couple in the end of the ceremony in church entrance.

In the origine the confetti tradition refers to the prosperity and the fertility of the married couple. The died lavender flower is an ideal confetti that allows all guests to celebrate together with you the great moment of life.

The lavender flower confetti, it’s also 100% natural et ecological. The dried fine lavender is of course biodegradable.

In Sarraud farm you can choose the amount of flower you wish to buy for you wedding. If you want it is possible to contain the lavender flower in a traditional hemp big bag of 3kg, 5kg, 10kg 20,kg, as you want!

Disposed in the entrance area the lavender bag will decorate the space when celebrating your wedding.

Decoration idea!

Leave small baskets or paper cones next to your lavender hemp bag and everyone can serve the handfuls of lavender they wish to throw on you. The lavender smell will spread and create a festive and happy atmosphere.