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The wedding picture in lavender fields of Sarraud

Imagine the wedding photography scene in a lavender field in the heart of Provence.

In July it is possible in our lavender farm in Sarraud. Find a peaceful lavender setting to make this family photography unforgettable.

In our farm you’ll have the perfect landscapes and cool atmosphere of summer in Provence- at 1000m of altitude.

Take an appointment with Marc to find with him the best spot for your souvenir photography. We have a splendid vue on Mont Ventoux from our farm and also hidden secret and romantic places to check.

Did you know?

The lavender is flourishing the whole month of July. The ideal date for photo sequence is the 14th of July. All varieties of lavender are il full blossom. You have a lot of choice in-between different photographic landscapes.

Up here lavender flourishes later than lavandin in the valley. Lavender only grows from 800m on.

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